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Corrugated Iron sheet roofing machine
Corrugated Iron sheet roofing machine
This is the corrugated roof panel with sine wave profile, it is the popular the panel style in the world market, especially in Africa. With the advantage of lightweight and easily transport, Corrugated iron Sheets is widely used especially in rural and military buildings such as building shed and water tanks.
Rolling Shutter Door profile roll forming Machine
Rolling Shutter Door profile roll forming Machine
The roll forming machine can manufacture roll shutter doors of different specifications. Produced products are in fashionable design and are widely used. Rolling Shutter Slat Machine With the highest security in rolling fire doors, Rolling Steel Doors, Fire Doors, rolling shutter, offshore rolling doors, offshore rolling fire doors,
Partition Beam Roll forming Machine
Partition Beam Roll forming Machine
Metal Stud and Track showed as following are widely used in the light gauge steel building industry. The design gives a fire proof and easily erected system for partitioning and various other uses. The component parts of the system are ideal for Dry wall partition and ceiling suspension in commercial and residential application
Suspended Ceiling clip in Machine
Suspended Ceiling clip in Machine
Cold roll forming machine for production Metal Ceiling Tile Clip-In of suspended integrated ceiling panel The aluminum ceiling production line is mainly used in metal ceiling tile clip in, metal ceiling, suspended ceiling, ceiling panel, and integrated grid ceiling production, applicable to a variety of cold forming and punching material.
Drawer Slides Roll Forming Machine
Drawer Slides Roll Forming Machine
The normal furniture metal drawer slides are consisted of outer runners and inner guide, or middle slide track. They can be fabricated from almost any material and in almost any requested length. Available custom features include welding location tabs, raised stiffeners, mounting holes and embossed stop tabs.

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Roll Forming Technology
Metal roll forming profile sections have a much wider scope of cross section if compared with press braked sections and without length limitation. Production speed is much faster than with press brakes, particularly production complex profiles without secondary operations.
Roll former
Roller former is as the main part of roll forming line. Complete line of auxiliary items available, such as adjustable Entry Tables, width adjustable, Straightener Units, machine housings, stands, shaft, roll forming rollers or roll forming tooling, driving system, and electrical hydraulic controlled system, etc.
Roll Forming Tooling
The rolls are the tools that form the moving through the roll forming machine. The number of passes the material makes depends on the complexity of the part and the properties of the material to be formed.
Roll Forming Application
Cold metal roll formed products have already got the applications in various fields with variety of shapes and products, and new applications were founded constantly. Roll forming products are a desirable process since it adds both strength and rigidity to lightweight materials.

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