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Metal Doorframe Roll Forming Machine

Roll Forming machine for manufacturing Metal Doorframes
Our Doorframe roll forming machine can roll-form different metal door or window frames, reinforced, fire stop doors, etc. With our our engineer’s so many years experience, the quality doorframe profile surface can be obtained after roll-formed, smooth and beautiful without any scratch.
Doorframe roll forming machine components
The whole roll forming line is consisted of de-coiler, feeding & leveling device, main roll-forming machine, auto tracing cutter, run-out table, etc.
The punching system can be including this line according to client production requirements.

Metal Door frame Machine main parameters

Punching machine with moulds Capacity


Forming Roller Stations:

16 Stations

Forming Roller shaft:

Ø65mm, 40Cr, quenching, treating

Forming rollers

GCr15, quenching, hardness HRC50-58º

Forming Speed:

0-12 meters / min

Main motor:


Feed material thickness:

(1.0-2.0) mm× L

Line speed

Adjusted by Frequency Inverter



Run-out table mode:

roller style

Line dimension:


Metal roll formed Doorframes
Doorframe profiles are used to fit doors and windows in industrial and domestic constructions.

Primarily the doorframes based on its low initial cost may result in abnormal maintenance and replacements. Proper door selection is based on Frequency of Use and Resistance to Impact. The advantages of hollow metal doors are Broad Commercial Applications, Fire Resistant, Insulated and Sound-Rated, Durability. Door Frames are widely applied in related structure industry because of its advantage compared with other material’s.
Whether you are looking for a pre-engineered door frame system or any of the Custom frames are available in virtually any made-to-order frame configuration and dimension. We can supply any other customization doorframes machine that you may need. Just let us know you required details. The following are some typical doorframe profiles popular in the world market as client’s reference.