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We are a roll forming machine manufacturer in China
It is our goal for us to provide high quality metal sheet process machinery, roof panel roll forming machine, and other manufacturing machine for customers around the globe. At Jack-aiva, we adhere to strict implementation of ISO standards in production and operation. We purchase superior materials and components from well-known branded companies. All incoming materials are inspected by highly trained professional personnel to ensure the reliability of our products from the very beginning. Our staff undergoes continual training to improve skills and raise awareness of quality. Furthermore, by establishing partnerships and technical support with specialized research institutions. We are able to guarantee the superiority of our products. Our quality inspection department conducts rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, all to ensure our machines are compliant with international standards. From the selection of our outsourced parts, through each stage of production, to the final product, SBJX works hard to make sure our machines are head and shoulders above the competition.
In order to provide high quality products at affordable prices, we are SBJX strive to cut our costs in a variety of ways without compromising on quality. For example, through the use of effective management and efficient distribution of enterprise resources, we can reduce waste at very step of production. Advanced manufacturing equipment also helps improve our production efficiency, resulting in reduced costs. What’s more, our location affords us easy access to an abundance of raw materials, enabling us to acquire superior materials at low prices from local suppliers. Our manufacturer is in the booming economy in the Yangtze River Delta. This along with our easy access to many forms of transportation, greatly reduces our logistics costs and lowers customer’s shipping chargers. These factors enable us to offer our products at lower prices.
Our products have gained us a great number of customers throughout the world. If you are interested in our products, please contact with us via phone or email. The staff at SBJX is looking forward to working with you.






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