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Barrel Hoop Roll Forming Machine, Clamping Ring, Drum Closing Ring

Roll forming machine for production Custom steel circle hoop profile of locking ring
This barrel hoop making machine can auto roll forming, bending and cutting rings at the same time. This hoop forming machine can be designed together with butt welding machine constitute steel rim forming and butt welding production line. This Circle Machine and Winding Machine is suitable for manufacturing barrel hoops, locking ring, clamping ring, Drum closing ring of metal drum. Our barrel hoop line is special designed for heavy steel barrel hoop, The whole line frame adopts high quality steel profile, and the important machine parts are all purchased from world famous companies to guarantee the good quality and performance.
With CNC automatic measurement control and special design, the higher precision perimeter diameter can be obtained by this Circle Machine and Winding Machine, and cutting without profile distortion
Steel hoop Roll Forming Machine Components
The whole barrel hoop roll forming line is consist of De-coiler, main roll forming machine, straightening part, bending device, cut-to length part, run-out table, PLC electrical control system and hydraulic station, etc.
Roll Forming Machine main parameters

Line structure

Portal-type frame style,  A3 steel

Forming Roller Stations:

15 Stations

Forming Roller shaft:


Forming rollers

Cr12Mov, Quenching, hardness HR58-60º,

Forming Speed:

6 -7 meters / min

Main motor:


Material of Sheet:

Soft Quality (Annealed) Galvanized Sheet

Sheet Thickness:

1.8mm-1.5mm (can be designed according to the requirements)

Cutter Device

Hydraulic cutter

Control system 

PLC automatic system

With Our manufacturer more than 25 years experience, we have full ability to design and supply different kinds of steel circle barrel hoops according to client’s request. TAG: Circle Machine and Winding Machine Series, barrel hoop Roll forming machine, locking ring, clamping ring, automatic barrel hoop making  machine, Drum closing ring
The following related barrel hoop roll forming machines pictures as client reference!

Custom steel circle hoop profile of locking ring is welcome!

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