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Solar Panels Pole Bracket Forming Machine, Solar Energy

Roll forming machine for production Solar energy & solar power panels galvanized steel pole bracket
Roll forming system for the solar energy industry, With roll forming advantages, solar energy Steel Frame roll forming profile sections have a much wider scope of cross section if compared with press braked sections and without length limitation. Roll Forming Production speed is much faster than with press brakes, particularly production complex profiles without secondary operations. From simple Tracks to complex profiles, we can manufacture custom roll formed products for any industry.
Solar power panels steel pole bracket Roll forming machine Technology specification
The whole Roll forming equipment components is depended on client individual request. The possible auxiliary equipments are included de-coiler, straightening device, pre-and post-punching, stationary cut-off machines, run-out table, etc.
Solar power panels steel pole bracket roll forming machine several basic units showed as following,

Main parameter Solar power panels steel pole bracket Roll Forming Machine

Line structure

Portal-type frame style,  A3 steel

Forming Roller Stations:

15 Stations

Forming Roller shaft:


Forming rollers

Cr12Mov, Quenching, hardness HRC58-60º

Forming Speed:

0 -10 meters / min

Main motor:


Material of Sheet:

Soft Quality (Annealed) Galvanized Sheet

Sheet Thickness:


Cutter Device

Hydraulic press or saw style is optional

Solar power panels steel pole bracket profiles Application

 Roll formed Steel Tracks have already got the applications in various fields with variety of shapes, and new applications were founded constantly. The following are some of the applications industry frequently.
Building construction Industry
Office furniture & housing furniture appliances
HVAC ductwork industry
Bridge and express Highways construction
Automotive Roll forming Industry
Roll formed Profiled shelving for Storage System
We invite inquiry for any of your custom metal track information, let us know your requirements, we will find the best solutions to meet your project.
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