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Grain Silos Corrugated Steel Sheet Machine, Grain Silos Tank, Rolling Machine

Corrugated Steel sheet plate Bending Machines for production grain silos plate are consisted of two machines, one is the corrugated steel sheets roll forming machine, another one is a three roll double pinch machine. The forming machines are specifically designed to roll corrugated sheets of galvanized steel up to 8mm (5/16") thick. Corrugated steel is mainly rolled for tanks. The profile can be custom made according to request.
and agricultural silos with formed corrugated sheet.
Grain silos Corrugated Steel sheet Machine specification
The line consists of Uncoil device, Hydraulic punching and notching unit, Roll forming machine, Hydraulic automatic cut-off, Products run-out table, PLC automatic control system, etc.
Grain silos Corrugated steel sheet production roll forming line
This machine is built up by hydraulic de-coiling, main machine, pressuring system, cutting equipment, hydraulic system, control system, and product supporter.
Corrugated steel sheet production line Main Parameters



Raw material thickness 

2.5-3.0mm; Coil width is according to profile requsted. 

Working speed:


Roll station:

20 stations

Material of main shaft

SAE1045 Ф150mm


4700mm+/- 2mm

Main motor power:


Controlling system:


Total weight:

about 10,000kg



Grain silos Corrugated steel sheet rolling machine
The machine is basically a three roll double pinch machine. It was specifically designed for bending corrugated materials in steel and aluminum, for different material thickness. Corrugated steel is mainly rolled for tanks, drainage pipes and highway safety rails. There is no standard rolling machine. These are built per customer requirements.



Raw material

(2-4) x 1300mm (according to client’s request)

Working speed:



3 sets 

Main power


Hydraulic station power


Driving mode

gearing box with cardan shafts

Arc adjusting motor


Application sample: Grain silos tank
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