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Suspended ceiling grid Roll forming Machine, Ceiling frame

Cold roll forming machine of Ceiling and wall system brief introduction
Cold Roll Forming Machines for production metal Ceiling grid system profiles, We provide you the fully automatic machine with in-line punching of Integrated ceiling grids in the various custom models and sizes. The ceiling grids roll forming machines are consisted of a Main grid making Machine, Cross grid making Machine and an Angle grids forming machine. There have three lines for production the grids ceiling system normally, The design gives a fire proof and easily erected system for partitioning and various other uses. The component parts of the system are ideal for ceiling suspension in commercial and residential application
Grid ceiling profile Roll Forming Machine Components
Dry Wall Partition Beam Roll Forming Machine consist of It is consist of de-coiler, hydraulic punching & cutting machine with servo control feeder, conveyor, main forming machine, run-out table, electrical control system, etc.

Grid ceiling profile Roll Forming Machine Main parameters

Line structure

Portal-type frame style,  A3 steel

Forming Roller Stations:

12 Stations

Forming Roller shaft:


Forming rollers

Cr12, Quenching, hardness HRC56-58º

Hydraulic punching system 

Servo feeding; Holes position tolerance ±0.03mm

Forming Speed

7-12 meters / min

Main motor:


Material of Sheet:

Soft Quality (Annealed) Galvanized Sheet

Sheet Thickness:

0.3 to 0.5 mm

Cutting mode:

Hydraulic automatic punching and cutting machine

Control Cabinet

3xAC380v, 50HZ

Main machine sizes  (L*W*H) mm

6000*700 *700

Ceiling Grids of Suspension System

We introduce the most cost effective Steel ceiling grids manufacturing cold roll forming technology for production steel Drywall framing sections. There are many kinds of profiles of the grids for this ceiling system, the different market has the different requirement.
Ceiling Grids, A system of Ceiling Suspension System members, designed to support a suspended ceiling panels, typically an acoustical ceiling. Also may be designed to accommodate lighting fixtures or air diffusers. The ceiling Grid System consists of only ceiling tile and grids. It is the ideal solution for suburban offices, hospitals and schools offering a simple system that is easy to maintain and install.
The ceiling grids profiles can be custom prepared according to clients’ request. You are welcome to contact with us for the further details.

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