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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about cold Roll Forming

What are the units composed of ROLLFORMING LINES?

On the basis of your requirements, we will design and manufacture a rollforming line or rollforming tools for you, or redesign your existing line.
The line will be designed and manufactured according to your requirements with a view to the number of rollforming stations required, maximum sheet metal slit width and also thickness of the processed sheet metal.
Our machinery is of modern design, powered with units that have continuous speed regulation, the torque of which is transferred through a system of distributing transmission boxes to each shaft. Other supporting equipment, for example, for hole punching, bending or cutting, are usually powered by means of hydraulic or pneumatic drives. The whole system is controlled by automation at selectable levels according to the wishes of the customer.
The equipment is always designed precisely according to the requirements of the customer. This includes from small single-purpose machines on a platform to the complex manufacturing system construction of the rollforming lines.

The standard configuration rollforming line is usually composed of several basic units as following,

Normally we will design the de-coiler according to customer needs, unwinding equipment can be manufactured in various carrying capacities and technical designs.
Sheet metal loop creating equipment
This serves for the creation and preservation of sheet metal loops before the actual pressing equipment. It’s very important for line continuous working.  
Depending on the type of section and its complexity, pressing of various holes and pre-cuts can be inserted before the actual rollforming process controlled by PLC.
Feeding equipment for sheet metal strip comes in various designs according to the requirements of each specific section shape.
Proprietary rollforming technology where the sheet metal strip travels through several pairs of rollforming rollers until the material gradually attains the shape of the final product. These tools are designed with the aid of special computing methods and software and subsequently manufactured with the aid of the most up-to-date CNC technology in order to attain the highest level of quality. The dimensions and number of rollforming stations always depends on the complexity and size of the resulting section shape.
System of quick-change cassettes
In order to save time on exchanging and setting different rollforming rolls on the same machine, the line can be equipped with the quick-change cassettes. This then involves the removal of the whole rollforming section including the set tools and replacement with another. This procedure can help to significantly decrease the time it takes to exchange a manufactured section.
Straightening head
At the end of the rollforming line itself, there is always a straightening head, with which it is possible to achieve a perfect straightening of the manufactured section. According to customer requirements, the final section can also be roll-bended or otherwise shaped.
Final pressing and hole punching
If great emphasis is placed on the final positioning of pressed holes, pressing is usually not performed until after the actual rollforming process. Bending can also be inserted here.
Shearing and cutting equipment
Parting of the finished section is either accomplished by shearing or cutting. Both options can be used in flying or in the START-STOP system.
Run-out table
Finished and already divided sections run out of the line onto the run-out table. From here, they are transferred to the prepared pallets. The machine can be equipped with automatic packing and packaging systems according to clients’ requirements.
Switchboard and line control system
According to customer requirements, the line can be controlled using various levels of automation including the possibility for connection to the company’s central control system.