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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about cold Roll Forming

What’s the advantage of roll forming?

• Closer Tolerances
Roll forming cross-section offers closer tolerances than all other competing sheet metal processes (brake forming and stamping).
• Repeatability
Repeatability is inherent in the process and there are less rejection problems due to "standard" tolerances build up.
• Thinner when needed
Roll formed shapes can be developed with thinner walls compared to other competing processes (extrusion).
• Superior surface finish
Ideal for decorative stainless steel parts, or for parts requiring a finish such as anodizing, pre-painted and galvanized.
• High speed
Up to 100 fpm (feet per min) makes roll forming a preferred process for high volume production.
• Unlimited length
Virtually unlimited lengths of a part can be run through the same set of tools.
• Efficient
Can utilize any bendable material, and do so efficiently. For example, up to 98% of strip/sheet material can be used in the final product, verses 67% in stamping, thus significantly reducing scrap.
• Less secondary operations (Low labour cost)
Roll forming is often implemented as a cost cutting measure because secondary, and often labour intensive operations can be done in-line. This includes punching, piercing, notching, embossing, lancing, louvering, slitting, bending, cutting, bundling and labelling.