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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about cold Roll Forming

When to choose roll forming machines?

There are two main considerations in choosing roll forming as the desired process: manufacturability and economics.
The first consideration is if the product is suitable for roll forming. This includes:
• Profile Geometry
To have a good part, tools should have direct access to the bends. In case of blind corners, dimensions cannot be controlled accurately.
• Bend Radii
Because of spring-back, products with very large radii are difficult to roll form.
• Cross Section Depth
Deep (tall) sections are hard to roll form. There is high degree of residual stress build up which causes many geometric defects.
• Tolerances
Roll forming tolerances must match your capability requirements.
• Material
The material must be bendable.

If the product can be roll-formed, then the next question is cost. Considerations include:
• Volume
Roll forming is more suitable for medium to high volume needs. Minimum quantities include volumes of 45,000 per year; however, other volumes can be discussed to meet customer needs.
• Engineering cost
Tooling complexity and size can add significant up front costs.
• Tooling cost
Tooling costs are relatively high. Normally, the customer pays for tooling, and the roll former is responsible for maintenance costs.
• Material cost
Normally, comprises 75% to 80% of total product cost.
• Set-up cost
Set-up time is usually between 6 to 8 hours and requires the presence of a set up operator and a helper. Consequently, it is more economical to have larger runs (minimum volume of 8,000 ft per run).