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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about cold Roll Forming

Do you know the roll shutters?

Roll shutters were developed in Europe over 60 years ago. Originally, this product was intended as an energy efficient window treatment. As WWII progressed in Europe, roll shutters became a necessity for blackouts during the allied bombing raids.
Since that time, roll shutters have become extremely popular not only in Europe, but around the world. In many European countries, such as Germany, Italy, France and Spain, roll shutters are a standard feature on homes and businesses. The roll shutter business has grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry. The products’ popularity has spread to the Middle East, Australia, South America and to the United States.

Roll shutters are known as a versatile product. Whether your concern is energy savings, security, noise abatement or
privacy, roll shutters by Roll Shutter Systems are the “Solution”.

Roll shutters are becoming increasingly popular as a preferred window treatment. The ease of operation and availability of automated controls makes roll shutters an excellent choice for energy savings, light control. privacy and security. Many home builders, architects and interior designers are using our roll shutters as an integral part
of their design.

Roll Shutter Systems products are the ideal choice for a multitude of applications. Whether it is for windows/doors, patios, counter tops, storefronts, etc., we have the products to fit your needs.