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Roll Forming Technology

Roll forming is a continuous cold rolling and bending operation process, to create shapes of uniform cross section.  metal products roll formed at room temperature, In this process, metal in sheet, strip, or coiled form is fed between successive pairs of rolls, transformed along a linear axis, each set station of which makes a progressive change in the cross section until the desired shape and cross section is obtained.
Various metals are suitable for the roll forming process, such as aluminum, brass, copper, etc. Plated along with non-plated surfaces all can be shaped by roll forming line.

The process of progressively forming the metal strip is called ‘Flowering’ as gradual change in shape appears on a continuous strip as it passes through different stages of the process. The metal cold roll forming design was started at the first of last century.
The Cold roll forming technology help engineers unlimited design freedom to create the different profiles high in strength and low in weight.
From simple shapes to complex profiles, we can manufacture custom roll formed products for any industry. We roll form custom sections for many industries i

We specialize in Custom Roll Forming industry, and provide cold roll forming machines and equipment for all types of industries, with furnished the special metal sheet cold roll forming equipments. The scope of supply to embrace complete roll form systems or production lines is to be extended. The whole Roll forming equipment components is depended upon your individual request. The possible auxiliary equipments are included de-coiler, straightening device, pre-and post-punching, PU-foam-filling, insertion equipment, flying or stationary cut-off machines, stacking equipment, etc.
Configuration roll forming line is usually composed of several basic units showed as following,

It’s the normal device of roll forming line components, and used to carrying metal coil. Manual or power control, single or double heads on de-coiler all can be optional. Further details about de-coiler, pls check de-coiler website page.
Metal strip loop device
This device serves is for the creation and preservation of sheet metal loops after punching and before the actual roll forming equipment normally, to guarantee the machine works in continuous, and increase the roll forming line efficiency.
Feeding & flatting device
This device is set before punching machine, sometimes it can be separated one, to get the flat strip quality suitable for next step process. Feeders can be electronic or pneumatic. the electronic feeders have the rollers opening function for pilot centering, encoder, PLC based control board with programs storing function.
Various holes as requested can be punched and pre-cuts can be inserted before the actual roll forming process. Depending on the type of section,
Main Roll forming machine-roll former
The roll former is consisted of frame table, stands, shaft, moulds, driving system, etc. The more information about roll forming machines specifications will be showed as following.
Straightening head
Before cutter, at the end of the roll forming line, with the straightening head, it is possible to achieve a perfect straightening of the manufactured section.
Final holes punching
If great emphasis is placed on the final positioning of pressed holes, pressing is usually not performed until after the actual roll forming process. Bending can also be inserted here.
Shearing and cutter device
Both options can be used in flying or in the START-STOP system. Hydraulic cutter or saw cutter are all can be designed according to profile drawing.
Run-out table for roll forming line
The machine can be equipped with automatic packing and packaging systems.
Electrical control system
Various levels of automation or economical control system can be supplied. The electrical system can be designed according to customer’s requirement.

Cold metal roll forming technology holds an edge than the other traditional production methods because it is a continuous process that eliminates stage production, finishing and sub-assembly operations.
Metal roll forming profile sections have a much wider scope of cross section if compared with press braked sections and without length limitation. Production speed is much faster than with press brakes, particularly production complex profiles without secondary operations. Bearing in mind some profile sections can not be press braked because of their complexity or length, the decision to roll or press brake depends largely on economics; in general the greater the quantity of given section required, the cheaper it is to form by roll forming.
So the most advantage for roll forming technology is can obtain lower cost.