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Roll former

Roller former is as the main part of roll forming line. Complete line of auxiliary items available, such as adjustable Entry Tables, width adjustable, Straightener Units, machine housings, stands, shaft, roll forming rollers or roll forming tooling, driving system, and electrical hydraulic controlled system, etc. Some times Roll coolant system reservoir built in, as an integral part of the base, with a centrifugal motorized pump. With the advantage of over twenty years in this sheet metal roll forming Machine manufacturing field, we're always able to meet your customized needs and advise customer the proper solution from basic economical roll formers to the most complex, we fashion a solution to meet your company's productive goals and budget. We provide cold roll forming machines and equipment for all types of industries, household appliance, Automotive, Construction building, housing profile, Bridge and express Highways, post tensioning, Farming, Fencing, roll formed Furniture profiles, HVAC ductwork, Shelving, and other metal roll formed products.
According to the various roll formed steel profiles in the world market, many kinds of roll forming machines were developed,
Different design for cold roll forming machines, These all depends on customer's need and budget. such as standard roll formers with Gear Boxes, gear Drive or Chain Drive, and gantry style roll former or cantilevered roll formers, Double Deck Panel Machines, high speed roll forming lines, high precision roll forming machine, etc.
Roll former -General Type roll forming Mill
Only one kind profile can be produced by this fixed type roll former.
This Roll Form mill is a universal-type Roll Former, designed for the various sections and the price-conscious buyer. This Roll Forming Machine combines the same durability and precision found in our conventional roll formers. All Roll Forming Machines are available with any number of stand suit your specific requirements.
Roll Former Side Roll Stands
Feature two output shafts on fixed vertical center, mounted in anti-friction bearings, and driven by a worm gear set or other driving system, such as the gears and chain. Hardened and ground spur gears are mounted on the back end of horizontal output shafts and are accessible and easily changed to provide the necessary gear ratio for any specific application.
The following typical stands style can be choose by customers with our engineer’s advice.

undivided steel plate stands

vertical guiding column style

Casting steel stands

Roll Former Mill Housings
Open-window design for mounting spindles, which is carried in bearing box assemblies with anti-friction bearings and proper lubrication fittings. The top spindle assembly is supported by large diameter adjusting screws, sometimes can be equipped with micrometer dials for fast, accurate settings.
Top and Bottom Roll Shafts with driving system
These shafts or Spindles are driven from the worm gear box driven universal shaft, or by gears with chain, the driving system can be supplied according to client’s needs. Normally the shafts on universal mills adopt the 45# steel after treatment and processed.
Raft Type - Roll former with cassette system for quick roll change
Quick-change cassettes system adopted is in order to save time on exchanging and setting different roll forming rollers on the same machine for various profiles. This procedure can help to significantly decrease the time it takes to exchange a manufactured section. If customer has a mass of different type profiles production, and the production quantity request is not too much, This rapid change rafted roll forming system is the proper choice. This raft type roll formers are widely adopted in automotive door and windows frames industry, sliding door frame profile industry, etc.

Roll former with fix or mobile shoulders
Duplex Roll formers, A full range of economical roll-forming machines for panel forming with both edge profiles.
Double duplex roll-formers or Roll-former with fix or mobile shoulders, for panel applications a twin head machine can be supplied with variable distance between the forming standards to allow different widths of panel to be formed simultaneously on both sides,. Roll-forming Machines are constructed with one fixed head and one adjustable head to allow varying widths of sheets to be formed.
Your product range contains many similar profiles with varying widths and heights. Then the Double duplex roll-formers may be exactly the right choice for you.
The flexibility of this kind Roll-former with fix or mobile shoulders offers numerous applications, such as, for the production of air ducts, steel shelves (shelving) panel, air ducts, profiles for steel windows, cable conduits, door frames or steel furniture parts, C Z puline manufacturing, and many more industries where variable widths of formed panel are needed. Finished components can therefore be manufactured by means of additional punching and bending operations.

Roll former with cantilever shafts

This cantilever shafts Roll formers are constructed with one fixed head and one adjustable head to allow varying widths of sheets to be formed, It is with fix shoulders, for panel applications a single head machine can be supplied with variable distance between the forming standards.
The flexibility of this kind Roll-former offers numerous applications, for the production of air ducts flanges for TDC, TDF, CGF1, PDF3 and lock former, construct building panel profiles, etc.

Roll former with double line forming moulds

The roll former are constructed with two or three to allow two or three type profile shapes to be formed, special for C profile, U profile, and L shape angle profile, etc, tracks or channels. Only can not manufacture more than one metal profile at the same time by the roll former. So if without large volume production request and the profile size is not big. It is just the idea can meet client needs for lower investment and smaller space requirement,