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Roll Forming Tooling

We offer the full-service design and precision roll forming tools production for continuous metal strip forming, in accordance with customer’s profile. These tools are designed with the aid of special computing methods and software and subsequently manufactured with the aid of up-to-date CNC technology in order to attain the highest level of quality. The dimensions and number of roll forming stations always depends on the complexity and size of the resulting section shape. Using tooling steel and verified production process guarantees high-quality and long life of the tooling.

Metal sheet manufacturing machine Tooling used in roll forming includes the forming rolls and the dies for punching and cutting off the material. The following specification herein is for the forming rolls.
Roll Forming Rolls
The rolls are the tools that form the moving through the roll forming machine. The number of passes the material makes depends on the complexity of the part and the properties of the material to be formed.
Roll Forming Flower Design

The roll forming flower drawing creation is the first step to be undertaken in the design of roll tooling. This flower is the station-by-station overlay of progressive section contours starting with the metal strip and ending with the required component profile. With this roll forming design technology, create high quality tools that are accurate.
The major considerations in designing the flower is that one smooth material flow from first pass to the last pass, and utmost control over fixed dimensions while roll forming. These two are also the focus of all the manufacturers in this roll forming technology industry and Making highly precision wheels is available with the roll forming design technology.
With the ROLL FORMING COMPUTER AUX DESIGN, It can reduce too much time on rolls design, give excellent solution for various profiles, and avoid the profile forming defects at the most, if compared with manual roll forming design. The software is an extension and assistant for an excellent designer. The design software allows designers to perform stress analysis of the metal as the forming process takes place. This feature enables the designer to determine the proper forming process technology before the forming rolls are manufactured.
Rolls Material Used for Roll Forming Tooling
A number of standard materials are used for manufacturing the roll forming rolls. The type and shape of material being rolled and the quality of parts being produced are key factors in the selection of the roll material. The most extensively used material used in manufacturing rolls is an oil-hardened tool steel that has been hardened to RC57-60. We have compiled a list of tooling materials that are available today along with where these materials are best suited for use on your mills.
Rolls Material on the mill quoted by us is most commonly used normally. So if you have any special requirements, please contact us, so that we can fully understand your expectations and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using some of these unique materials. If you are looking for a mark-free product, a sample as you mentioned in order to understand your expectations is necessary for our negotiation. The current tooling material may be ideal, but if mills are set up incorrectly or misaligned, also sometimes can lead to product marking on profile.
The most important for the roll material is to be heat treated, you must be certain it is done properly.
Also the rolls with the expensive material can be quoted to you if it is necessary. Some times the other related materials also can be adopted, such as the Nylon, Urethane, PC Plastic and Rubber, etc. these are all because of the material characteristics.